Dining out can always be an experience of tantalizing entrees to make your taste buds water for more. In Salisbury, North Carolina I have experienced some of the most interesting places in variation to satisfy my hunger; let’s take a look at some of the restaurants I recommend if you are ever in town! If you want to cruise the streets in style, you could find high quality skates at skates.com.

La Casa Grande located on Jake Alexander Blvd/Klumac Road is a Mexican Restaurant that is budget friendly and also is a fun, lively atmosphere to relax with friends and family. Though La Casa Grande does offer lunch and dinner options I would recommend to try the lunch to see if you like the food first, I personally love it. The lunch menu boast of many spicy enchiladas, burritos, fajitas and rice dishes that are really inexpensive and can be quite filling. Instead of spending 6-7 dollars at Chick-Filet or the usual McDonald’s on lunch break, try swinging by Casa Grande to spend the same amount for a more fulfilling meal. I would highly suggest Arroz con Pollo, a rice dish with chicken and cheese sauce. The grilled chicken mixed with green peppers, and Mexican rice with carrots and peas is really a nice lunch deal for only 4.95! The wait staff is very hospitable and ready to serve you with excellence. Casa Grande also has a bar and large screen flat tvs for sporting events that can be enjoyable on the weekends. 

Next on my list is Bangkok Garden located on South Main Street. Bangkok Garden is Thai Asian food with a rather elegant atmosphere for that special casual date. I found the setting to be rather romantic and appealing for a couple. Not only is the atmosphere great but the menu is even better; Hibachi style chicken, steak, or shrimp are offered on the lunch menu for about 6.95 and they come in hearty portions if you have little ones to feed also. The lunch portion also comes with a tasty, fresh spring roll that I can honestly say are the best I have ever tasted. If you want to experience sushi they have a full sushi bar, fairly inexpensive and very fresh. Tum-Yum soup is another favorite for the cold winter days. Locally owned, the owners are very nice and will welcome you with open arms to express their gratitude for your business.

If you are craving some Mediterranean food, DJs, a Greek Restaurant is my favorite in Salisbury, located on West Innes Street. I really enjoy the family atmosphere and the variety of choices to indulge in! For lunch I would suggest the chicken Caesar wrap served cold with a side of pasta salad or french fries, it is only about 6.50 and is very filling. If you want to top off your lunch with a dessert, try the homemade cheesecakes, they are about 2.50 a slice but are really out of this world. DJs is great for all ages, for young children, teenagers and families. The dinner portions are well worth your check, as you will more than likely go home with a to-go box for later or lunch the next day.

Another favorite of mine is Hendrix Barbecue, located on West Innes and Statesville Blvd. Hendrix serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think the Barbecue sandwiches are the main attraction but I will honestly say they have the best seasoned french fries in town. You can enjoy a barbecue plate served with fries, cole slaw, and bread for only 6 or 7 dollars and the portions in one serving are really enough to feed two! The sweet tea is very southern and shows off the technique of southern sweet tea as it should be.

So, what are you waiting for? It is definitely time to take out the family to La Casa Grande, maybe take a date to Bangkok Garden, chill out with some friends at DJs or even take Grandma and Grandpa for some great barbecue in Salisbury, North Carolina. All of these restaurants provide fantastic dining services and will make your want to come back a second, third, fourth, fifth time!

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